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22. Authority over Dead Situations

authority over dead situations a cup full of hope podcast

22. Authority Over Dead Situations, Death to Life

Caroline and Jessica carry this message, more so than any other, so deeply. They’ve seen in their own lives the devastation of dead circumstances. In this episode, Caroline and Jessica, talk about the power and authority we carry as believers to speak to dead circumstances and watch them be raised back to life! Be encouraged as you listen in today that no matter your situation, when all seems lost, when it looks hopeless, that’s God’s specialty.

Show Notes:

And as you go, preach this message: ‘Heaven’s kingdom realm is accessible, close enough to touch.“ Matthew 10:7-8

“That’s what the Scripture means when it says: “I have made you the father of many nations.”He is our example and father, for in God’s presence he believed that God can raise the dead and call into being things that don’t even exist yet.” Romans 4:17

Faith motivated Abraham to obey God’s call and leave the familiar to discover the territory he was destined to inherit from God. So he left with only a promise and without even knowing ahead of time where he was going, Abraham stepped out in faith.” Hebrews 11:8

“Sarah’s faith embraced the miracle power to conceive even though she was barren and was past the age of childbearing, for the authority of her faith rested in the One who made the promise, and she tapped into his faithfulness.” Hebrews 11:11

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