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75. An Interview with Jerica Olson

75. An Interview with Jerica Olson

A Cup Full of hope podcast - an interview with Jerica olson

Jerica Olson, full-time ambassador for Christ and minister of
reconciliation, is a wife to Erik and mom to two boys. God set Jerica free from the effects of childhood sexual abuse and replaced shame with everlasting joy. She now has the privilege of bringing the hope of Christ to a variety of settings. She serves as a voluntary chaplain at the local jail and also helps incarcerated women overcome the effects of trauma in life as an instructor for Prison Fellowship. Whether it’s teaching the bible in the local church, one on one mentoring, or speaking to women in a super max prison, Jerica desires for people to see themselves as God sees them so they can step into the works created for them. One of her greatest joys is seeing others step into life to the full.

Show Notes

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“In the past I heard about you, but now I have seen you with my own eyes.” Job 42:5

Isaiah 61
Ephesians 6
John 11
“We should live in the light, where God is. If we live in the light, we have fellowship with each other, and the blood sacrifice of Jesus, God’s Son, washes away every sin and makes us clean.” 1 John 1:7
“Then the Lord said, “I have seen the troubles my people have suffered in Egypt, and I have heard their cries when the Egyptians hurt them. I know about their pain.” Exodus 3:7

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