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81. An Interview with Jake Richter

81. An Interview with Jake Richter

Jake Richter grew up in a Christian home and had a life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit as a teenager. He has a passion to disciple young people and see all generations encounter God and be empowered by the Holy Spirit. With authenticity and energy, Jake and his wife, Jenna, serve as Pastor of Youth Ministries at Sojourn Church. They believe in being Spirit-led parents and believe their legacy of ministry will be shown more in the way they do family than any platform they’re given. They have three children Emma, Lily, and Ezra.

Show Notes

Sojourn Church

See a Victory by Elevation Worship 

Black, Red and White Trilogy by Ted Dekker (book)

The Making of a Man of God by Alan Redpath (book)

A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards (book)

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