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116. Henry Costa

116. Henry Costa

henry costa a cup full of hope podcast

Henry Costa, Co-Founder & CEO of Glorify, started his career in finance before joining the British Military. He later moved to Africa as part of the founding team at, which grew to become the largest mobile lending company in Africa, employing 350 people and raising over $100m. He holds multiple board and advisory positions and is an active angel investor. In 2019, Henry co-founded Christian daily worship app Glorify. Tune into this episode as Henry shares on the topics of persevering through the challenges, the power of God’s Word, the Glorify app and more! Tune into episode 116 of A Cup Full of Hope Podcast on any podcast app.

Show Notes:

Bible Verses:

Luke 15:11- 32: The Story of the Prodigal Son

Topics Discussed


  • Henry lives in the UK.
  • Henry grew up in a Christian home and his father was a preacher.
  • He grew up knowing and loving God and knowing that God loved him.
  • Henry’s relationship with God went to a deeper level when he attended youth group. There he gained the understanding that this was a personal relationship with God, not just going to church with his parents.
  • He realized that you have to be proactive with your relationship with God. It can’t be a reactive thing that you simply grew up with, it takes a personal pursuit.

Glorify App

  • Research shows that Christians are close to 10 years behind in terms of technology.
  • Henry wanted to be able to build resources and content and put it into a place to help people so that Christians would not be ‘second class’ tech citizens.
  • Henry wanted to create something that would engage the youth and he wanted Christians to have a way to keep up with the pace of technological movement.
  • The app creates a framework that helps people focus on their quiet time with God.
  • The app gives you a ‘bite-size’ passage from Scripture, has a devotional that goes with that passage and then gives you time to reflect on what you’ve read.
  • The app provides meditation resources that help with sleep and anxiety.
  • Glorify is for your quiet time and your area for overall wellness and diving deeper with God.

The Process of Bringing Your Calling /Ideas to Fruition

  • Some ideas might be great, but they don’t happen overnight. Also, some ideas might be great, but they might not be for now.
  • It is important to filter out opportunities and ideas.
  • Henry got the idea for Glorify when he saw secular apps talking about how to deal with mental issues like stress, anxiety, etc.
  • Secular apps teach you to empty your mind, but we need to teach people to empty their mind and fill it with the Word of God.
  • Henry, along with his cofounder, did a lot of research to further understand the market in order to develop the Glorify app in order to help people.

Persevering Through the Challenges

  • The key thing is making sure that it is a ‘yes’ and you’ve everything in your means to assess that it is a ‘yes’.
  • It is important to be open and honest with yourself during this process or find someone who can be open and honest with you.
  • If you aren’t hitting the milestones you’ve created, then sometimes that means that it’s time to shut the doors.
  • It’s just as important to say ‘no’ after you’ve said ‘yes’ than it is to keep saying ‘yes’.
  • You have to have confidence that God’s favor is on you and you will deliver and be successful.
  • You have to be so real with yourself at every stage.
  • When you hit a mountain, you have to remember that there’s always a way around. There’s always another path.
  • You have to keep having check-ins.
  • Speak to God and people you trust.

God’s Word

  • God’s Word is like a water spring from a well.
  • It is our nourishment.
  • God’s Word is our great comforter.
  • Walking through life knowing God’s Word is such an enjoyment and leads to happiness.
  • The purpose of Glorify is giving everyone the chance to experience joy and intimacy with God. The intimacy and joy from God exude and radiates off people and it is addictive. People see it and they want it too.
  • When we deposit God’s Word in us, we get squeezed and His Word comes out.

Intimacy with the Father

  • The Father in the story of the Prodigal Son is a good example of intimacy.
  • The relationship you can have with God is very personal and deep and the deeper you go, the more personal and intimate the relationship becomes.
  • God is our Father, and He is also our Friend.
  • As you build your relationship with the Father, intimacy grows, and you experience joy.

How to Prioritize Quiet Time

  • Increase your self-discipline. Sacrifice more to make sure quiet time is a priority.
  • Carve out your quiet time in a time that works best for you.
  • There is freedom around what that time looks like.
  • You can get creative with what that time looks like.
  • Just commit to doing a little bit every day.


Powerful Quotes:

“Every time we read the Word it deposits a seed whether we remember what we read that day or not.” – Caroline

“Meditation and quiet time is so important to process with the Lord and talk to Him.” – Caroline

“It is important to filter opportunities and ideas.” – Henry

“Some ideas might be great, but they might not be for now.” – Henry

“We don’t have to say yes to everything.” – Caroline

“Sometimes God gives us an idea, but now is not the right time.” – Caroline

“It is just as important to be able to say ‘no’ after you’ve said, ‘yes’ than it is to keep saying ‘yes’.” – Henry

“Just because God gives you a yes for something, it doesn’t mean that the path is going to be super easy.” – Caroline

“Walking through life knowing God’s Word is such an enjoyment and leads to happiness.” – Henry

“As you build your relationship with the Father, intimacy grows, and you experience joy.” – Henry

“Everyone connects with God in a different way.” – Henry

“Every Christian every day should experience the joy and intimacy of connecting with God.” – Henry


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