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159. Christel Snelson // Infertility and Intercession

159. Christel Snelson // Infertility and Intercession

christel snelson intercession

Christel Snelson is a wife and mother and believes in the power of prayer.  If her journey with the Holy Spirit had a theme it would be, “Nothing is ever wasted”. Every season has been purposed into the life she now leads. She and her husband, James, are parents to Emme and Ruby, their 16 year-old miracle twins. The joy of serving Moms in the Making through intercessory prayer is the perfect bookend to a story that included long years of disappointment from infertility.

Christel continues to walk out her life-long calling as a science teacher, now in the homeschool arena. She writes STEAM education resources for families through her company Smart Peg Learning. She’ll never quit being passionate about fostering inquiry and teaching kids how to investigate and explore the wonder of God’s creation.

After 25 years of life in big-city Austin and Dallas, the Snelson family now lives in Christel’s small hometown, Abilene, TX. No one is more surprised than Christel.

Tune into this episode as Christel shares her testimony of overcoming infertility and the power of intercession!


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Show Notes

Bible Verses

Luke 1:45 “Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her!”

Psalm 27:14 “Wait on the Lord. Be of good courage and he shall strengthen thine heart. Wait, I
say, on the Lord.”

Topics Discussed

– Christel lives in Abilene, Texas with her husband and 2 children.
– Christel is an intercessor for Moms in the Making.
– Christel was born and raised in a spirit filled home.
– When she turned 30, she recommitted her life to Jesus and got water baptized.

Journey Through Infertility
– Doctors gave Christel and her husband a less than .01% chance of conceiving children
naturally without medical intervention.
– They tried several medical interventions to conceive children.
– During this time, Christel experience deep depression and began having suicidal thoughts.
– Doctors spoke hope to her and her husband.
– The Lord spoke to them to pursue IVF.
– Their IVF was successful, and she soon found out that she was having twins!
– At 14 weeks they found that one of the babies was far behind on the growth curve and doctors became concerned.
– Christel delivered her twin girls at 32 weeks. The girls spent some time in the NICU, but they were healthy!
– Her twin girls are 16 now!

Warring for the Promise
– Hope is the part of faith that is focused on the future.
– Hope is a tool that God gives you to speak into your destiny.
– Hope is a revelation of your true nature.
– When you are hoping for something, it changes your posture.
– When you operate in hope, you move with purpose and power.
– Promises do not just fall into our lap. We have to war and contend for them.
– Faith leads you outside of your own strength. Waiting on the Lord is an action. The Lord strengthens those who wait on Him.

Encouragement for the Waiting
– Get really familiar with God’s promises.
– The Word of God is full of promises for you.
– The spoken word is critical. You have to speak life!
– Tell your body, soul and spirit to submit to the Lord!

– Prayer intercession is an assignment.
– When you have an intercession assignment, you have authority to release something
that God has specifically put inside of you.
– There is a call on everyone’s life for intercession.
– Your family, workplace, city, etc. is your assignment and you should be taking authority
and interceding for them.
– Often times, intercession is an invitation from the Father to pray and intercede for
someone or something.
– Pursue what the Holy Spirit is saying about your assignment.
– Start journaling and write down your thoughts as you pray.
– Get around other intercessors.

Encouragement for Moms
– Co-parent with the Holy Spirit.
– Follow the peace as your discipline, teach and guide your children.
– Speak life into every situation.
– Speak truth and life over your children.
– Pay attention to the principal of first mention. You need to be the one releasing truth
and life about all things even the things that are uncomfortable to talk about.

Powerful Quotes
“Hope is future forward. It is a powerful tool that God gives us to speak into our God ordained destiny” – Christel

“Waiting is Warfare.” – Christel

“The Lord made us body, soul and spirit; and every single part of those can come under the submission of the Lord Jesus Christ and His spirit.” – Christel

“Prayer intercession is an assignment.” – Christel

“Your prayers and your revelations are so powerful, and you must not keep them to yourself,
but you have to listen to the Holy Spirit to know when to release it.” – Christel

“The Holy Spirit will not steer you wrong.” – Christel

Waiting Warfare by Anita Alexander

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