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131. Questions and Answers with Colby

131. Questions and Answers with Colby

You asked questions and Colby and I answered them! From how we handle the down days to investing in the stock market, we covered all your questions. Tune in to any podcast app to listen to episode 131. 

Show Notes

Bible Verses:

John 21:25 “Jesus also did many other things. If they were all written down, I suppose the whole world could not even contain the books that would be written.”

John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.”

Topics Discussed:

Colby, what is your take on inner healing?

  • It was a great, positive experience.
  • Addressed some issues that had been suppressed, or issues that weren’t known.
  • Experienced forgiveness and healing with God’s presence and help.
  • Inner healing helps you walk in victory as a believer.

Pet peeves about each other?

  • Colby’s pet peeve is that Caroline leaves things out and makes things cluttered.
  • Caroline’s pet peeves are that Colby does not use his blinker when driving and Colby does not keep his phone charged.

What do you love most about each other?

  • Colby loves that Caroline is never one to complain or blame. She is always optimistic. Caroline is always very honoring and respectful of people especially when they are not in the room.
  • Caroline loves that Colby is steadfast and constant. She also loves that Colby makes time with God a priority and he is a deep well.

Can you still go to the MITM conference when you are pregnant?

  • Absolutely! Many women who attend are pregnant or have had their miracle babies.
  • Go to to get your ticket!

Do you have any favorite baby names?

  • They want to have names that start with a “C”.
  • It is important from a spiritual standpoint to be prepared and to be thinking, planning and expecting.

Is it exhausting constant talking about infertility?

  • No, we do not constantly talk about it. We are living our abundant life through Jesus Christ.
  • The best that we can do is pray for people going through it and engage with people from a positive place.
  • It’s important to identify the lie the enemy is telling you and declare God’s word over that situation.
  • Our hearts should be on the Lord and that should be the main conversation and priority.
  • The exhausting part is when I bring encouragement to a women who is hopeless and they want nothing to do with it.
  • We have not let infertility define our marriage.

Who is the more optimistic one?

  • Colby says that Colby is the more optimistic one because he has a peacemaker personality.
  • Caroline says that they are both very optimistic and hopeful.
  • To be optimistic you have to know God’s Word and have a good community.

How do you deal with the down days when you desire a child, and it still hasn’t happened?

  • Don’t isolate yourself with your thoughts. Reach out to people who will encourage you, lift you up, pray with you, etc.
  • Lean on your faith and your knowledge of God’s Word.
  • Find out what the root of the discouragement is. Most likely you are believing a lie.
  • “Often our own discouragement is self-inflicted” – Bill Johnson
  • There is a difference between discouragement and grief.
  • Spend time in worship.
  • There are things we can do to protect our hearts and our minds from entering a place of discouragement.

How long should you fast and what should you fast?

  • A true Biblical fast is food.
  • God will be pleased with your heart.
  • A Biblical fast is not fasting from entertainment, it’s about weakening and subduing the flesh with the use of food.

What do you invest in? How did you learn about trading?

  • Jesus talks about money a lot in the Bible.
  • Caroline learned about investing when she was a little girl. As soon as she could start investing, she did.
  • Caroline started with money market accounts. She then got into mutual funds.
  • Vanguard, Fidelity, Meryll Lynch, Schwab companies that are low cost and “do it yourself” type of investments.
  • When investing in retirement accounts, you usually cannot touch that money until you are a certain age.
  • Colby and Caroline are not traders, but they do have mutual funds.
  • VTI – the entire U.S. stock.
  • It is not too late to start investing. It only costs a few hundred dollars to invest in a mutual fund.
  • It is very similar to opening a bank account. You can go to Vanguard or Fidelity, and you search total stock market or total bond market. It can be simple.
  • Most employers have a retirement match program.

Powerful Quotes:

“Pain is not necessarily a bad thing; it’s an indicator.” – Colby

“Our hearts should be on the Lord and that should be the main conversation and priority in our lives.” – Caroline

“For every negative emotion we are experiencing, there is probably an ungodly belief attached to it.” – Caroline

“When you are praising God, it’s hard to live discouraged.” – Caroline

“Hope, joy and peace are not dependent on what is going on around us. They are dependent on Jesus Himself.” – Caroline


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