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137. Dianne Leman

137. Dianne Leman

Dianne Leman - A Cup Full of Hope Podcast

Dianne Leman, M.Ed., left her career in education after encountering the Holy Spirit and experiencing God’s miraculous healing from infertility. A graduate of the University of Illinois, Vineyard Leadership Institute and Vineyard Bible Institute, Dianne entered full-time ministry with her husband, Happy, and together they have pastored The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois, Urbana, IL. while raising their family of five children. Over the past forty years, Dianne has served on the Vineyard USA Executive Team, led the Women in Leadership and Renewal Teams and traveled widely sharing God’s love and healing power. She is the author of four books.

Tune into this episode as Dianne shares her story about encountering Jesus and the Holy Spirit, overcoming infertility, contending for healing, stewarding seasons of waiting and MORE! You can listen to episode 137 on any podcast app.

Show Notes:

Bible Verses:

Isaiah 53:5 “But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.”

Colossians 1:26 “the mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations but is now disclosed to the Lord’s people.”

John 15:4 “Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.”

Topics Discussed


  • Dianne lives in Illinois.
  • Dianne comes from a large family and is one of 6 children.
  • Dianne grew up in a church setting that focused a lot on rules and did not teach much about Jesus.
  • When she was in college, she drifted away from her faith. She met her husband on campus and they fell in love and made a commitment that they would never become Christians.
  • Dianne and her husband have been married for 51 years.
  • After Dianne and her husband had been married for a short time, she met Jesus.

Dianne’s Testimony of Meeting Jesus and Holy Spirit

  • Dianne was a special education teacher.
  • Dianne’s coworker gave her a book called “Christy” by Catherine Marshall
  • As she was reading the book, she began weeping and she said, “I want to know Jesus like Alice (a character in the book) does.”
  • Dianne told her husband and he ‘got on board’ and they decided to join the church where she was raised.
  • The church where she and her husband first started attending did not talk about Holy Spirit. They attended that church for 5 years.
  • During this time, Dianne and her husband were walking through infertility.
  • A man that Dianne’s husband works with invited Dianne and her husband to a meeting where miracles are happening.
  • While they were at this church meeting, the pastor talked mainly about Holy Spirit.
  • That night Dianne got out of bed and became baptized in the Holy Spirit. She immediately began speaking in tongues.
  • Dianne and her husband started a Bible Study in their home to teach others about Holy Spirit.

Dianne’s Testimony of Having Children

  • Dianne and her husband decided to adopt, but one night while they were praying God told them to take their name off of the adoption list.
  • Dianne and her husband were obedient, and they took their name off the list.
  • After about 3 months of taking their name off of the adoption list, Dianne wasn’t feeling well and went to the doctor.
  • That day Dianne found out she was pregnant!
  • Dianne and her husband now have 5 children and 18 grandchildren.

Stewarding My Season of Waiting

  • It is important to understand and live in the reality of our union with Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus’ love, peace, and faith are all available to us on a daily basis as we nurture it and access it intimately.
  • Jesus never leaves and He is always there.
  • We have to learn to trust Him 100%.
  • We are not surrendering the revelation of His will; we surrender our timing and our own ideas of how it is supposed to work.
  • Ask Holy Spirit to show you how-to walk-in union with Jesus.
  • Keep listening to Holy Spirit as He gladly gives wisdom.

Jesus Heals Today

  • Jesus is the healer. He is the true physician.
  • It is our job to partner with him and take good care of our bodies (eat well, exercise, etc.)
  • People end up blaming themselves when healing does not take place.
  • Jesus brought the healing. The healing is here, but we are at war because there are two kingdoms in conflict.
  • Jesus’ heart and desire for us is to be healed.

Contending for Healing

  • Healing is always on the table.
  • We should not be constantly pursuing healing; we should be constantly pursuing Jesus.
  • We do not always have answers, but we do have access.
  • We should not build a theology out of what did or did not happen, we should build a theology on God’s Word.

Dianne’s Church

  • They have about 1,500 people attending their church.
  • Their church has been established for 40 years.
  • This church started as a Bible study in their home.
  • More and more people began coming to listen to their teachings and they were encouraged to start a church.
  • God has been faithful in providing for their church over the last 40 years.
  • In the last 3 years, Dianne and her husband have transitioned out of leadership and they gave the leadership to their daughter and her husband.

Women in Ministry

  • The power of the spirit is poured out on men and women.
  • Jesus is for women. He called and anointed women.
  • The curse was that women were submitted, and Jesus redeemed us of that.

Wrecked for God

  • We are all wanting to be truly transformed.
  • Religion is all about performance and it is very self-focused and very sin focused. The Gospel is very Savior focused.
  • Focuses on how to live a John 15 life. Abiding in Christ and Christ in me.

Weariness of the Rules of Church

  • Start with a reset and a refilling of the Holy Spirit.
  • Soak in the presence of the Holy Spirit
  • What the Holy Spirit does best is he reveals more and more of Jesus.
  • Tap into the true glorious grace of Jesus that will break the power of religion and water your weary soul.

Soaking in the presence of the Holy Spirit

  • Intentionally dial up the presence of the Holy Spirit at all times.
  • Always be aware that the Holy Spirit is in you.
  • Pray in tongues.
  • Worship throughout the day.
  • Pray for grace for each day and live in that grace for that day.

Powerful Quotes:

“What God asks us to do might seem kind of scary and it might seem audacious, but His empowering is there to do it.” – Dianne

“Disappointment can lead to unbelief and offense.” – Caroline  

“We are not surrendering the revelation of His Will; we surrender our timing and ideas of how it is supposed to work.” – Dianne

“One of the greatest forms of warfare and trusting God is rest.” – Caroline

“We do not always have answers, but we do have access.” – Dianne

“The Lord is a generous Father.” – Dianne

“Jesus is for women.” – Dianne

“We are all wanting to be truly transformed.” – Dianne

“Religion is all about performance and it is very self-focused and very sin focused. The Gospel is very Savior focused. “– Dianne

“What the Holy Spirit does best is he reveals more and more of Jesus.” – Dianne


Jesus Heals Today by Dianne Leman

Wrecked for God by Dianne Leman

We’re Pregnant by Dianne Leman

  • On this website you can sign up to receive prayer if you are going through infertility.

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