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162. Clint Hatton // Big Bold Brave

162. Clint Hatton // Big Bold Brave

A California native, Clint was not raised in church but God radically transformed his life at the age of 31 while attending Bethel Church. In 20 years of ministry Clint has had the honor of working with some of the most influential leaders of our time. Through his speaking, writing, teaching, and leadership development skills, Clint was recognized and awarded the 2017 Distinguished Leadership Award as a global influencer by iChange Nations.

Clint is married to his bride Amárillys and resides in McKinney, TX along with their 2 amazing boys. Their first-born son died in a tragic plane crash in 2019. Although he is now eternally in the Presence of Jesus, Gabriel will always be a central part of the Hatton family legacy and continues to inspire his parents, brothers, and others to live their lives Big, Bold, and Brave! This has now become part of Clint’s life mission and he launched his Personal Development Coaching business – BigBoldBrave, at the end of 2021. Clint is the author of the book Big Bold Brave – Living Courageously in a Risky World. Clint specializes in training techniques to effectively manage the emotional stress of everyday life and how to turn extreme loss or disappointment into a catalyst for the future!

Tune into this episode to hear more of Clint’s story, including his radical encounter with the Lord, the loss of his son, and his new book, Big Bold Brave.

Show Notes

Topics Discussed


  • Clint lives in McKinney, Texas. He and his wife have 3 sons.
  • Clint is in ministry and is a part of the Bethel Leadership Network.
  • He did not grow up in church, but he met Jesus when he was 19 years old.
  • He fell away from the Lord for about 12 years and became addicted to drugs and alcohol during that time.
  • Someone invited him to Bethel church in 1997 and Clint had a powerful encounter with Jesus and Holy Spirit.
  • Clint was 31 years old when he had this encounter with Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit Encounter

  • We can’t fully understand what the Holy Spirit is doing.
  • The Lord knows us. He knows what we need, when we need it and to what measure we need it.
  • A relationship with the Lord is not dependent on a physical encounter.

Processing Grief with the Lord

  • Clint’s oldest son was a pilot and passed away when he was 17years old.
  • The Lord gave Clint a vision the morning of his son’s passing.
  • He was experiencing the most intense pain he’s ever experienced but also feeling the presence of God at the same time.
  • There are many different stages of grief, but you take it one day and even one hour at a time.
  • Clint and his family chose life instead of focusing on their son’s death. They chose to glorify the Lord instead of “glorifying the Lord”.

How to Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away

  • Pain is relative. It’s not a competition.
  • You never have to feel guilty or ashamed that you’re not worthy to grieve your loss.
  • Find someone to share your experience and grief with.
  • You have to pull someone in, so you don’t feel isolated.
  • Allow yourself to feel all the emotions.
  • It’s okay to not be okay. But it’s not okay to not be okay alone.

Big Bold Brave

  • Clint was interviewed and, in the broadcast, told them that Gabriel lived his life Big, Bold and Brave.
  • This became their family motto.
  • Clint then wrote a book for those who feel stuck after experiencing a tragedy.

Powerful Quotes:

“The Lord knows us. He knows what we need, when we need it and to what measure we need it.” – Clint

“There’s never going to be an answer that will satisfy not experiencing the rest of our lives with our son.” – Clint

“Pain is relative. It’s not a competition.” – Clint

“The tragedy is not your identity, it’s just part of your story.” – Clint

“There are people who can say inspiring things; but there is a smaller number of people who can live inspiring lives.” – Clint

“All it takes to radically change your life is making one courageous decision.” – Clint


Big Bold Brave book by Clint

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