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163. Q&A

163. Q&A

It’s the last episode of 2022 and it’s a Q&A episode. Come hear the answers to the questions you submitted!

Bible Verses

Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

Topics Discussed

What are date nights that are inexpensive and/or free?

– What if date night became such a priority to you that you invested the money in your marriage?
– Invest in your marriage!
– Free ideas: board games, picnics, going on a hike, etc.

Can you take about the holidays? Halloween and Christmas? Are they pagan holidays? Should we be celebrating them?

– Everything should be filtered through the Word of God.
– Halloween is associated with darkness and the demonic realm.
– We are not operating in the natural realm; we are operating in a spirit realm.
– Demonic spirits attach themselves to things (ex: Halloween decorations)
– Ask Father God what HE thinks about it.
– The purpose of Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus.
– Are you putting up a Christmas tree because it brings you joy, or do you decorate because that is what is expected for the holidays?
– Ask the Father God to help you and guide you.

How do you explain to others the peace you have come to create with waiting on God for a miracle when given a 0% chance to conceive naturally?

– If you have a peace about it, but no one understands – it doesn’t matter. It’s between you, your spouse and the Lord.
– Peace that surpasses understanding.
– Jesus, who is Peace, is King of our circumstances.
– You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

I believe and know God has good things for me and my husband. Through the trials we’ve faced medically, it sometimes can leave me doubting though. Your vulnerability to share your story on social media has been a blessing. I still fear or have moments of doubt though… sometimes it feels like all I can do is pretend and “fake it till ya make it”. Have you ever experienced those thoughts? How do you process through them? I turn typically to worship, but sometimes it feels like not enough. I struggle to sit with my Bible and truly be able to understand how it relates to what we are walking through.

– Get to the root of the doubt.
– Let’s not be believers who beat ourselves up when we have these moments of doubt or fear.
– Give yourself grace. “Lord, help my unbelief.”
– It’s less about our faith. It’s more about His faith in us.
– Get inner healing and get to a place where you don’t have to fake it anymore.
– Take time to process with the Lord.
– Be your authentic self.

Have you guys considered adopting to grow you family?

– Adoption is not a plan B.
– Caroline and Colby are following God’s call on their life. God has not called them to adopt.

Do you have conflict surrounding what the next steps are for growing your family or are you totally in the same page?

– Yes, Caroline and Colby are on the same page.
– They have submitted their plans to the Lord.
– They have received many prophetic words regarding their children.
– If you are not on the same page with your spouse; it’s a great opportunity to pray.
– God will not call someone while not softening the heart of another.

Any ideas for spending time in God’s Word? Do you have any devotions you suggest?

– In Due Time by Caroline Harries
– Partnering with Heaven by Jessica Satterfield
– Lion Bites
– The Art of Praying the Scriptures by John Paul Jackson
– Different seasons of life make time in the Word look different.
– Get creative, try a new translation, listen instead of reading.
– There is freedom
– The heart behind it should be connecting with God and spending time with Him.
– Ask Holy Spirit to help you

You had mentioned journaling in your last episode. How does a person start to journal?

– Get a journal and start writing.
– It will look different for everyone.
– Write what you are thankful for
– Write prayer requests
– Write out verses
– Write a letter to the Lord.
– There is no wrong way and no right way to journal.

You talk a lot about the Holy Spirit. How can I learn more about this coming from a Baptist background?

– Read John 14-16
– Read the book of Acts
– Andrew Wommack has many incredible teachings and resources
– Jesus ascended into Heaven and the Holy Spirit was sent to be with us and to be our helper.
– Being baptized in the Holy Spirit will truly change your life.
– 1 Corinthians 12 and 14
– There are gifts of the Holy Spirit that He wants to empower you with

How has it been since Colby transitioned out of work?

– It was a journey of great risk and a great leap of faith; but there is no reward in the kingdom of God without great risk.
– It has been such a gift to be together at home more.
– Colby is going to be leading Dads in the Making.
– It’s been different than expected, but they are submitting themselves to the Lord.

How can and do you create healthy habits/routines? I struggle with this and getting started/consistency.

– Create structure by creating a schedule.
– Put it in writing.
– Make a to do list.
– Partner up with the Lord.
– Get to the root and invite Holy Spirit in to give you wisdom and partner up with you.
– Figure out what works best for you.

Powerful Quotes

“Unity is not all having the same answer, unity is us having different thoughts and opinions and respecting each other.” – Caroline

“Everything should be filtered through the Word of God.” – Caroline

“There is a mandate on our lives to operate in the light.” – Caroline

“God has given us a spirit of joy and wisdom.” – Caroline

“Let’s not be believers who beat ourselves up when we have these moments of doubt.” – Caroline

“In our moments of weakness, the Lord comes in and He can be our strength.” – Caroline

“Its less about our faith. It’s more about His faith in us.” – Caroline

“There is no reward in the kingdom of God without great risk.” – Caroline


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